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I currently own a 1995 Morgan 4/4 fitted with a 1798cc Zetec engine.  Unfortunately Morgan supply very little information about the engine and that is causing me some problems.  It seems that Ford even allocate a different engine number style on engines that are being fitted to non-Ford cars.  In my case the engine number is in the format N123.  There are two main elements of information that I am trying to find about this engine.

First what version of the Zetec engine is it.  There seems to be a range of power outputs depending on the car to which the engine was to be fitted.

Second how will this engine cope with the E10 fuel.

Morgan have no information on these matters and I have contacted Ford but still await a response.

If anyone knows of a source where I can obtain such details I would be very grateful if I could have them.

Many thanks

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Hi, I was reading up on E10 compatibility the other day so just had another look and couldn't see mention of Morgan anywhere. From the info given on various compatibility lists it did say Ford petrol models sold in Europe from 1992 were E10 compatible (with the exception of the 1.8SCI Mondeo 2003-7), so you would think that would cover Ford engines sold to third parties. Only detail I could find on the 4/4 btw was that it was a Zetec-R of 114bhp (that's according to Wiki, so not 100%).

Bit surprised Morgan can't help - would have thought a small scale manufacturer like them would have full details of each of the fairly limited number of cars they've produced.


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