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Clutch Pedal Release Feels Wrong


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Should this happen?

When I let the clutch out at the end just before you would take your foot off the clutch I feel the pedal pressure alter as if their is no resistance in it for the last couple of millimeters as if it as lost its hydrolic pressure or the pedal as snatched on the floor mat, as anybody else had this issue.

I have only had the car for a couple of weeks it is a 10 plate Zetec S petrol 1.6, I have had it to suppliers body shop as when giving it its first wash I found the strip of plastic at the bottom of the door pillar as started to peel away looking a mess and the red sticker on the S badge is coming off, I appreciate I could have re glued the red sticker however that is not what I expected when buying a new car.

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I would guess that your problem is that there is some 'play' between when the return spring on the pedal kicks in and when the clutch linkage itself is engaged. That would mean that the bit of the pedal travel where it feels really light is just the force of the spring, but the rest of the travel is actually working the clutch.

Its possible that there is either some adjustment at one end or the other (the pedal or clutch) that needs tweaking, or that something isn't fitting quite right.

I'm not remotely familiar with the clutch system on these Fiestas, but the first thing I would do is to have a look at the pedal itself and see if there is anything obviously wrong and/or adjustable.

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