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Does Your Mk7 Make Crunching Noises Over Speed Ramps?

Mark M.K

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Some of you may know my fiesta has been in and out of the garage since January to get my suspesnion noise fixed. I can fianly comfirm what the fix is!

The problem:

Car makes a very loud crunching noise when going over any type of speed ramp. Sounds like metal hitting metal etc.

Possible fixes: (this is the list of parts replaced on my car since january 2010)

Front suspension springs

Front suspension struts

Engine mount struts

Anti roll bar struts

Anti roll bar

My car finaly stopped making the noise after the anti roll bar was replaced! Car is driving back to how it was before the problems :) I hate to think how much all of this has cost Ford, as this don't sound very cheap...never mind :lol:

So, if anybody else has simular problems, and your dealer don't know the cause tell them to check the anti roll bar as this could be the main cause of the problems.

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Mine's made a noise whenever it landing off of speed ramps before it got lowered but since it got lowered no more noises and it now feels nice and solid. I wonder if something had just loosened off a bit on mine. :unsure:

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