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Removing chrome window trim for spraying


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Hi, I’m just wondering if the chrome window trim just unclips. 

I want to spray with plastidip or wrap it with Vinyl

my car is a Ford Fiesta mk7.5 zetec 2014 1.5 tdci

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Chrome is actually moulded into the black rubber, so can't be removed, the hard way to do it right is to remove the whole window seals, then fit standard black seals.

I've seen cars wrapped in vinyl and after a few months it's lifting and looks a right mess, even one guy wet flatting the chrome to get a better surface key and for that vinyl to start lifting.

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13 hours ago, Luke4efc said:

I'd spray it personally

Spraying would be a good choice but the chrome will need wet/flatting for a key surface, then a black primer to cover and then satin black, I'd advise to use ONLY HIGH QUALITY PAINTS for the painting, cheap nasty paints is not advisable.

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Plastidip has come on a lot in recent years, I've seen alloys done in it that look perfect and even have a gloss finish!  That's what I'd use tbh, that way you don't have to ruin the chrome and can just peel it off in future.

Don't use the Halfords own plastidip though, it doesn't peel properly, just comes off in tiny lumps!

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