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2011 MK7 Ford Fiesta


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Good evening all, 

I am looking for some help, I have a MK7 Ford Fiesta with 80k miles. There has been a small oil leak on the passenger side for a little while now, I did try to have this looked at but no one could tell me what was causing it. More recently the leak has gotten much much worse... So much so the arm is soaked, regularly leaving patches on the pavement outside of my house. 

I took the car to Quick Fit who said it looks to be leaking every time I change gear but again could not tell me soecficially. Upon speaking to some fellow fordies they suggested it maybe the gear selector boot, and I've also recently been told it may be the drive shaft seal. 

As I have had so many bad experiences with garages I generally wait till I can visit home and take my car to a family run garage who I rrust, my worry is that 1. I don't know what the cause of this leak is, 2. The oil maybe very low die to the amount that has leaked. 

From some recent research I've found that the MK7 model in particular has a Life Seal and is apparently hard to drain / top up. Does anyone have any ideas of what it could be or how I drain the oil and refil it with the correct amount so I can buy some time till I get to the garage. 

Thanks all! 

Hope your all safe! 

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