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Ford Fuel Vapor Canister

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Hellow Fellow Ford owners,

The other day, I went to fill up petrol in my Focus, where the car had about just below half of a tank.
The dashboard was showing an estimated 143 Miles, and as I was topping up, Esso's fuel pump kept cutting off. 

I only managed to put just little over 5 litres of petrol, and the gauge metre showed it full. The dashboard reading was indicating an estimate of 190 Miles, but I have seen higher readings of 270 before, with the tank being almost full. I understand these are not accurate and are to do with my MPH, but I am content the car was no way near a full tank.

I did some research and found videos on Youtube, where they were talking about air vapour from the fuel being trapped in the tank, and mentioned the vapour canister might be at fault.

The concerning thing now is, the miles are dropping on the dashboard reading, but the tank's gauge is still showing full.

If anybody can advise, it will be much appreciated?


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