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1999 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Fuel Pump Issue


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Hi folks, so I have a bit of a project for something to do during lockdown, it's a 1999 Fiesta Mk4 1.25 zetec that hasn't been started for about a year. It starts ok on Easystart and runs for about 2 seconds and then stops so I know the electrics are ok. I then noticed that ~35 fuse was blown so changed it. Tried it again and it blew again.  Swopped out the relay which sits near the fuse and tried again but the fuse blew again so it kind of points to a pump fault. However, when I just switch the ignition on you get the noise that the pump is priming and there is fuel in the injector rail, I know this as there is a pressure bleed valve. Whilst switching on the ignition and priming the fuse is ok, it's only blowing when I turn it over. I tried turning it over with the relay removed and the fuse is ok, any ideas ? I see it as more of a project and the car is old so don't want to spend a lot and won't be taking it to a garage anytime soon.

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