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ford pinto 2.0 problem

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I have a tiger kit car with a standard 2.0 pinto engine fitted.
Im having a few problems with misfires and odd backfiring under acceleration.
I have checked usual things float height, timing, plugs, ht leads etc. with no luck.
It has a 32/34 dtml carb fitted I was just wondering if it is jetted correctly.
I am going to upgrade at sometime to a better carb but for now just wanted to use this if its ok.
the jets in it are

primary idle 55
secondary idle 60

primary main
air 165
emulsion f30
main 125

secondary main
emulsion f22
main 117
does this seem ok for this engine tried trolling the net but i cant find anything
hope someone could help me just want to cancel this out befors delving deeper lol
many thanks

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Sounds like the wrong carb to me.....  But DTML were I think an after market tune up!  Jet settings would change with different exhaust manifolds, cams etc so may need a rolling road to get correct.  There might be some info in the (very) old RS parts book, which had tuning options for the engine in the Escorts

32/36 DGAV is more like it, that is what I had on three 2.0 Capris.  The Haynes Weber Carburettors Book does show OE settings for this carb in the appendix



Choke 26

Aux Venturi 3.5

Main jet 1.4


But nothing for a DTML at all

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thanks for the info paul

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Weber 44 Idf For Ford Ohc Pinto 2.0

This is what you want........ On fleabay from a German source, £1330

And it will have better emissions than a VDub weasel diesel !

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