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2003 Galaxy 2.3 won't crank

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I am having trouble with starting my 2003 mk2 Galaxy. The car has been sitting for a few months and the battery had gone flat - so I bought a fresh one and tried to start but nothing happens. The car was running absolutely fine before. When I turn the ignition, the lights come on and the blower starts working but the engine will not crank over, there is no sounds coming from the starter motor whatsoever.

The situation as it is:

- the battery is new and checked

- have checked relays and they seem to be working

- when I run a wire from the battery to the starter motor, then it turns over so it is not seized

- immobilizer light in the door is off and does not flash at all after the doors are opened

It seems to me like an immobilizer fault of some sort but really I am running out of ideas myself.

So I would really appreciate some help or tips 🙂

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