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Recent 1.6 TDCI Purchase. Advice Please!

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Hello everyone, I have recently purchased a 2007 Ford Fusion 1.6 TDCI. It has 116k on the clock with full service history up until 108k miles. No other repair history receipts unfortunately. Test driving the car was fine, pulled well and drove smoothly. So I left a deposit and collected the car later on in the day.

Once the purchase was finalised and the seller had driven off I started the car and the “Engine System Error” came up on the dash. Had to drive it home in limp mode... Think I got “done” unfortunately 😞 as they didn’t mention any faults. 

I plugged the car in with an OBDII reader (just a standard cheap one) and it came up with no fault codes? So I decided to take a look in the engine bay for any obvious faults. Low and behold, the injector furthest to the right (looking into the engine bay) has been leaking and the “Black Death” hard carbon is apparent, but not a huge amount. The other three injectors are clean.

I have booked the car in for the injector seal to be replaced, the other 3 injectors to be torqued down slightly more to prevent any issues and for the fuel filter to be replaced.

Once this is done, I am hoping it gets rid of the Engine System fault. I will be giving the car a full oil change and air filter change once the car is back. I’ll also be adding some decent fuel additive, filling with Shell Premium Diesel and blanking the EGR valve. 

Is there anything else I should do in order to prevent any future issues? e.g. with the turbo etc? Since the injector have been leaking? I’ll be doing oil changes every 5k from now on, and changing the fuel filter once a year.

Thank you for the help!

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Have you checked to see if the cam belt has been changed at 100k miles 


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