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Faulty Boot lock mechanism?

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Hi everyone,

Just a few months after I purchased my Ford Fiesta the boot began to not open even when pressing the unlock button. It sometimes randomly opens but this is rare. When attempting to open the boot there is a noise coming from the lock mechanism. Anyone got any ideas what this issue could be? would just changing the locking mechanism resolve the issue? 

See video which explains the issues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ulh0SLcC4o


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could be a snapped wire in the top of the boot rubber tube.... same thing happened to my focus, boot wouldn't open via electrics until i looks at all the wires running through the rubber tube and one of the wires had snapped.

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Hi Had exactly the same symptom a couple of months ago. Mine occurred following rear screen getting smashed in storm. Autoglass fitter dislodged glass debris down inside door panel and into the locking mechanism and the whole thing got stuck shut.  Ridiculous that it is not protected by any sort of shield.

After loads of wrangling had to take car into Ford for complete lock replacement. The sound on your video sounds just like something is blocking the movement of the locking mechanism. Unless you have a way to dislodge it, it requires ford to 'force access' via inside boot space and replace the lock totally £350+.

Suggest trying to see if you can access yourself via the boot space, there is a plastic loc mechanism cover inside trim, if removed may show something hindering lock movement. I strongly suggest you DO NOT stick a finger in, just in case it operates, but perhaps gently prod with a screwdriver to see if it helps free things up. Of course it could be a control fault with wiring or circuit. Best of luck finding a cheap solution.

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