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Hi all. 

I'm new to this board so I'll introduce myself first. 

I'm Tom from Lewes in East Sussex. I used to have a Ford Escort, which literally died on the M23 about 10 years ago. I was on my way to work and the head times. 

I recently bought a 2007 C Max automatic. It had 55000 ish miles on the clock, full service history and 2 previous owners. It now has about 61000.

I recently went to fully service it. Took out the spark plugs, one was full of oil. It had been feeling a bit sluggish on the bottom end, and this would explain. I did a bit of research and expected it to be the rocker cover. I had to have it replaced; i was going to do it myself but didn't really have the time. I took it to the garage anyway, as the sump plug had seized on, and owing to the lack of space under the car, I needed them to sort it for me. They completely serviced it, including changing the pollen filter (whilst doing that, they also found a wire that had worn down to the bare metal was arching under the dash which was a potential fire hazard....again, fun times).

Its still a little sluggish but im assuming that's down it it only having 4 gears. Would it be worth me replacing the coils? They wents done but spark plugs were. 

Also, its started clunking or cracking from the front drivers side wheel. Thinking the bushes are on their way out, but what signs should I look out for? Is that a DIY job to replace? 

I do want to upgrade the suspension anyway, starting from the front. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to look? 

Any other o

Upgrade suggestions would be most welcome too. 

Thanks in advance to everyone. 


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