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GPS drifting during journey

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Recently (through no apparent cause) I have been having problems with the GPS in my 2016 Ford Fiesta (now out of warranty).

On start up the car is located on the SatNav in the right location (which suggests that the GPS unit is functioning to some degree so not a total failure).

However, during the journey there is some degree of drift. This can be instant i.e. driving in totally the wrong location into the sea. Or it can take a while so it is off by a mile 20 minutes into a journey.

I've attached a photo showing that the GPS symbol is crossed out in the display which shows that the car knows something is wrong.

Can you provide any guidance/tips before I take it to the dealer? Is this something I can fix myself? Is it just the case of a loose wire?

Thanks in advance.

ford fiesta gps problem (smaller 2).PNG

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