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Ford Fiesta Zetec s 1.6 vs Ecoboost and 125/140bhp Ecoboost

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Im sure this has been asked before but thought I’d write about it anyway😁

For my second car (19 years old) I plan to buy a fiesta zetec s. I’ve seen that my options are 2009-2012 model which is a 1.6L or the newer 1.0L Turbo/Ecoboost. Was just wondering if anyone has owned both to say which they preferred, if there’s a big difference in feeling between the power differences, are speaker quality both the same etc.

Ive also noticed that some Ecoboost models are ~123bhp, 0-60 in 9.4s and some are 140bhp, 0-60 in 9.0s and I was unsure how to tell which one I’d be buying and why they’re different power even tho they may be the same year (2016 in this case)? I understand the black and red editions having more hp but Howcome some regular editions are faster than others despite being same model and year.


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First things first, the 1.6 was discontinued when the facelift models came out in 2014 (with the Aston Martin style front grill).

The 1.0L ecoboost engines (for arguments sake and so this reply isn't 3 pages long) are the same, it's just the map that's different (a basic remap will take them all to near 160hp anyway). The more basic trim models come with 100 or 125ps and the Zetec-s/ ST-Line 140ps. 

If you get one with a Sony unit (regardless of pre-facelift or not) then the sound system is slightly upgraded. Other than that I believe the Speakers never changed so should sound the same.

The 1.0L is definitely nippier than the 1.6 NA,  but is also like twice as expensive... being 19 you'll want the Zetec-S version (incl red & black editions) of the 1.0L so you get the body kit etc. Being a facelift, the 1.0L is a little nicer inside with the piano black dash.

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Yes, as Luke suggests the history of the Fiesta gets quite complicated for a small car!

The Ecoboost 1.0 came in with the facelift (or Mk 7.5 as we usually call it) in 2013, though some of the magazines were doing road test reviews in late 2012.

The Zetec S was 125ps, the 140ps version was introduced later, at first exclusive to the Red and Black editions, becoming available in the regular Zetec S later.

In 2016 the Zetec S was rebranded ST-Line, and was available with 100/125/140ps (As Luke says, a remap like Superchips Bluefin will see them all end up around 155-160ps). A 5 door version became available also.

Only way to be really sure what version you're looking at (other than the Red/Black editions) is to check the paperwork carefully. The V5C shows the power, but in kw, so you need to multiply the kw figure by 1.36 to get ps, so 103 kw is a 140 ps, 92 kw is 125ps and so on.

I wouldn't discount the earlier 1.6 particularly if your budget is tight, there are still a few nice examples about which have not been messed around with. They are not quite as quick as the 1.0 turbo (0-62 9.9 secs) but still fun to drive. 

There are some quicker versions of the 1.6 (sorry if this is getting complicated). There were 2 runs of the S1600, which come in blue with white roof/bonnet stripes or white with blue stripes.The first batch had cosmetics only (17" wheels etc), the second batch in 2011 had 134ps and were good for 0-62 in around 8.7 secs.

Lastly was the Metal, which was a regular brochure model. Again this had 134ps, plus lots of kit as standard (17" wheels, leather pack, dual exposed exhaust, etc. A very nice package if you came across a decent one.

I think the 134ps versions in effect had the Mountune 140 tuning package which was available at the time, but with a quieter exhaust, hence the slight difference in power.

I suppose it's worth mentioning that the ecoboost carried over the 5 speed gearbox from the 1.6. This was not originally intended to cope with the torque of a turbo engine and several members on here have reported issues, even on a standard 140.


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