Fiesta Mk7 Reverse lights not working

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Hey! I’m pretty new to all of this so please bear with me and my lack of knowledge 😁 

I have a 2010 Fiesta, owned since January. Had its MOT in March and during the test the reverse lights suddenly went out when tested. They came back on a couple of minutes later and so it wasn’t really thought much of. 

I took it to a mechanic two days ago for a servicing to be told that they weren’t working at all now. The car was kept in overnight whilst they tried to fix the issue.

So far we have tried:

Checking fuse.

New bulbs.

Checking around the tailgate area for any issues.

We have also replaced the reverse switch.

What else can we possibly try? It’s booked in for next week as I’ve had to book a specialist to come and have a look at it. But the quote he’s giving me is quite vague. 


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Loose connection or corroded contact probably. I'm assuming you've checked for voltage when you put it in reverse?

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