Fiesta ST 1.6 mk7 knocking

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Hi all, 

Really hoping someone on here can help. I bought a Fiesta ST 1.6 back in July. It's a 2016 model with about 35,000 miles on it.

I love the car but lately I've been noticing a knocking noise which occurs whenever I change gear. It mainly happens just at the end of a gear change, just as you come off the clutch.

Took it to Kwik Fit last Saturday (they were the only garage that could take a look at the time) and they got it up on the ramp and told me about 10 minutes afterwards, and I quote "the rear beam bushes have gone (perished)". They said it wasn't a job they could do so suggested I call around a few garages to get quotes.

Anyway took it to another independent garage and they test drove it whilst my partner was in the car pointing out the noise (I was at work so couldn't take it myself).

They got it back in and up on the ramp and had a good look at everything. They told us that there was nothing wrong with the rear beam bushes as they still looked brand new. They said the drivers side engine mount was likely causing the problem so had it changed to a Powerflex part. 

Got back in it today and, it's still there. Can still hear the knocking.

Have got it booked in with Ford on Friday next week for them to try and find out what it is.

Has anyone else with the same car ever had the same problem and can anybody think of what it may be?

If no-one can find out what it is or they tell me that they all do it then I will likely get rid as it's doing my head in and taking all the enjoyment out of owning the car.

Thanks for reading. Sorry it's long-winded.

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