MK 7.5 Fiesta - How to retrofit AutoDimming Rear View mirror and Sony GPS Head unit?

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Hi all

I have a Fiesta 1.25 Zetec that comes with a non-autodimming rear view mirror (as in, there's no electrical connection for it there that I can see) and the normal MP3/Bluetooth head unit with Blue screen.

I've now sourced a Auto Dimmable rear view mirror, and a Sony GPS Unit complete with the housing and SD card. Does anyone here know of anyone in London/Surrey and surrounding areas that can help me fit both in? Or, are they easy enough for a simpleton like me to fit (I'm quite I.T Savvy if that helps, and can build/repair PCs, but have never tinkered with cars before).


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Generally speaking, the mirror will have three wires. A live (fused 5A) a ground connection and a connection to the reversing light switch to turn off auto dimming. That bit is easy. I don't know about the GPS aerial, you might need one if it wasn't built in from new but the rest will probably be plug and play. A look at the wiring diagrams will confirm. If that is the case, you can do it yourself.

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