1.5 TDCI Fiesta P2002

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Hi there 

I have a 65 plate Fiesta 1.5 TDCI with 99k on the clock, The car recently went into Ford main dealer to have a few things done, New key, Thermostat housing, rear buses and a software update for the emissions...

2 days later I now have a EML with the code P2002, Now don't go down and reply, "oh your dpf is blocked" or "Oh you need to take it on a long run at high rpm"  because at the time the light came on the DPF was at 36% soot load and the car is driven around 40 miles each day on the motorway, I've plugged Forscan in and this is the data I'm getting, yes the soot load is now at 49% and the dpf will not do a regen, I did 115 miles in it yesterday and it didn't even try. The only abnormality I can find is the DPF inlet pressure is jumping form 655kpa to 0.2kph intermittently which I think is confusing the DPF and throwing the EML, I called an independent mechanic out and he literally said the same thing but as the car had been at Ford take it back to them 

I went into Ford and they weren't interested and said all we did was a software update it wouldn't be related and they can't look at the car until the 19th (No rush then) along with a £99 fee for looking into it despite me telling them everything above 

Now a few other questions.

I've not tried it but will it let me do a Forced Regen in ForScan with this code showing ?

Can anyone suggest what's causing it, my thoughts are that its the DPF Pressure Sensor ?

Where is the DPF Pressure sensor located ?

Is it worth taking it back to Ford ?

Has anyone else had any type of similar problem ?


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So update, I cleared the fault and it was able to to a regen and the light was off until 3 days ago where it came on with the same fault. I’ve cleared it again so we will see how long it lasts. 

does anyone know of anything to look for that could be causing this fault ?

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