Retrofit Sony GPS Head-Unit to Fiesta (2014) Mk 7.5 Zetec with normal Head-Unit (already has iPhone USB and Bluetooth with track ID)

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Afternoon all.

I've got a Fiesta Zetec 2014 (Mk 7.5). It currently has the normal head-unit, but it has factory built iPhone USB and Bluetooth (with track ID).

I've also bought a Sony GPS Unit Head Unit 2nd hand. It has the SD card and all housing etc, but no cables. I'm therefore looking to get this fitted to my car with full functionality (like spoken GPS turn-by-turn etc), whilst still keeping all the original functionality that I have (like iPhone USB control, bluetooth with Track ID). Furthermore, the reason I'm wanting to keep with the Sony GPS head unit is because the Fiesta head unit, as you all know, controls various car functions, so I'd like all of these to work too.

Therefore, is this a fairly easy installation? Is there anything else I need to buy? I can try and do it myself as long as it's not hard, I'm fairly nifty with these things, however if there's anyone in the SE of England, London or even a bit further out that can help me fit this, I'd be more than happy to travel down and pay for your time/labour.

Thank you 

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