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Ford Fiesta 2008 Mk6.5 issues

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I’ve got a Ford Fiesta 2008 Mk6.5. My issues are as follows:

1. When I try to downshift to first gear or put it in reverse, sometimes it doesn’t stay there and I hear a grinding sound when I release the clutch. So I immediately press the clutch and try again but really slowly and it works. I change gears sensibly but sometimes this issue occurs. 

2. When I’m stationary and try to turn the steering wheel, it’s really heavy and I have to fight to turn it just a little bit. However when I’m moving the steering wheel is still slightly stiff but more or less fine. 

3. My radio unit is a Sony 6000CD and the sound doesn’t work at all anymore. I replaced the old unit with a new (used) one and for a few mins it worked but after that it stopped working. It sporadically works every now and again but stops after 10-15 seconds.

Can anyone help me or guide me as to what to do? Thanks!

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