Ford Fiesta faults

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Hello guys. My Ford fiesta 2011 hatchback was in a terrible flood that got almost under the seats. I'm trying to work on  it but it does not allow ignition. So i can't get ignition for programming. And also I have changed my RFA, are there any other boards i need  to change? I will be glad if you can really help me out with this. Thanks

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Not what you want to read but this requires programming to match the keys and the ecu from what I have just found by Googling. Of course if you have the skills and equipment, you can do this yourself but if you did, you wouldn' t be asking here. The quickest and ultimately cheapest solution will be to find an Independent Ford Specialist, explain it to them and, if they think they can repair it, pay them to do so. Cars that are flood damaged are usually written off. This is one reason why. Everything below the water line is likely to be ruined, calipers don't slide, handbrake linkages seize, abs sensors pick up crud and rust. Anything electronic that has been flooded can kill other parts in the network that you would not expect to have failed.

Buy in some help.

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