How to clean the EGR valve

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Hello All


Could someone please guide me through, how to clean my EGR valve, it will have to be an idiots guide as not very technical and learning.

Possibly an up to date video or images would help. Further what is the best EGR cleaner to use?

The car is have is a 2008 1.8 Focus TDCi Zetec. Thank You.

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Hi, well mate the only experience of EGR is from my Hilux Surf, the general consensus on the surf owners page is remove it, I would not advise you to do that on a Focus as I don't know enough about the Ford set up, as a start I would start adding a Ltr of automatic transmission fluid to every tank of diesel, I use'd it regularly and it works well, it's an aggressive cleaner and certainly gave the old Tractor a new lease of life, when I removed the EGR on my truck I found the inlet manifold really chukka with black oily sludge, once cleaned out and refitted you need to make a two blanking plates to fit on the holes where the EGR valve pipework bolted on the inlet and exhaust manifolds, leave the wiring alone (in cae it affects the engine computer, but clamp off the vacume pipe to the valve,  but just stick some ATF in when you fill up 

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