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The Best Engine Oil

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Hi all i drive a ford fiesta 1.3i endure e engine petrol on a 51 plate. what it is ive been looking around at diffrent oils and its that many out there so iam just wondering whats the best oil for my car. now i don't want to be paying daft prices hence the reason iam doing the oil and fliter change myself my car takes fully sythetic oil 5w-30. now ive been looking at carlube oil and even asda do there own which meets fords standards which that is important to me has i don't want any old oil it has got to meet fords standards.

So what do people use in there car also i would like to here reviews and reviews on carlube if used or texaco havoline and asda own brand (not the smart price one) ive heared the texaco havoline is good.

All reviews welcome thanks in advance alan.

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I may be young but i keep to certain brands for example.

Ford for cars

Briggs and stratton for lawnmower engines

Castrol for Car engine oil and my lawnmowers.

If i havent got a lot of money in my wallet etc i will use Halfords 5-30

I never use supermarket oil. ever.


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Your car should take 5w30 SEMI synthetic, We sell Ford Formula E 5w30 semi synthetic for £16.00 - 5 litres



I thought my car takes semi synthetic oil because ive been on some motor oil sites and when you type in your reg and its come up has my car uses semi sythetic oil but the guy at the gargae that done my oil and fliter back in october last year used fully synthetic oil so its ok to use semi sythetic instead of fully sythetic. is that 5 litres £16 includeing P&P cheers graham.

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