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MK7 Ecoboost 1.0 Chip tuning

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Please let me know of your views or even better real world experiences of chipping a 2014 Ecoboost 100HP? There is a company here offering to raise it to 145HP for just €390 via chip tuning, this sounds tempting. My car is now out of warranty so I am wondering if it is worth taking such risks?

€390 is certainly cheaper than buying a new car just to get more power, but I assume chip tuning is not perfect. 


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There are lots of threads on here on the same topic if you search around (not always easy, I know).

The general consensus seems to be if you are just wanting to take your car to a similar level to a factory 140, then you should be fine. If you are looking much beyond that, a change of car may be a better starting point.

it might be worth mentioning the company you are thinking of using - someone may have experience of them. Lots of members here have used Superchips, for example, and been satisfied.


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