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Weird battery info symbol

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Hi folks looking for a bit of help as I cant find this symbol anywhere. 

Just acquired a 70 plate fiesta trend 1.0 litre EcoBoost. Today this weird battery symbol appeared on my dashboard. It's not on dashboard panel as such but in the information display. Its also not a car battery symbol but a normal battery aa type. 

Anyone know ? Its driving me insane . Only pops up intermittently but every few minutes or so. 

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36 minutes ago, Franski said:

Right odd question. Do I have a hybrid battery and if so what is it. I know I'm sorry but I'm truly clueless 😂

Your car must be one of the latest MHEV 1.0 EcoBoosts.  They come in either 125bhp or 155bhp.  Probably has a 'hybrid' badge on the boot too lol...

It uses a larger generator instead of an alternator, plus an additional 48v battery.  You don't have to drive any differently and it doesn't need plugging in.  Just helps lower emissions really.

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Phew. Thank you lol. I was panicking as i couldn't find out what they meant. I kinda guessed it was an info thing as it didn't look like warning light. 

Appreciate your help guys. 🙂

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