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How to remove the carpet from a 2010 auto fusion.

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Hi folks

I've just had a water leak in my front foot Wells of my 2010 auto fusion. I think I've found the problem, the windscreen seal located on the scuttle, I've refitted it and used silicone to seal up the gap, also the drain under the scuttle was blocked with debris which is now all cleared. 

My carpet is wet and would like to remove it to dry it out properly and also stop any mould build up and check to confirm that the water leak has stopped. 

Does anyone know if there is a manual on how to remove the trim panels, seats and turn of the airbags etc. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 

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Kevin, I think your best bet is to get a Haynes Manual.

I assume from your post you removed the panel under the wiper arms and checked the air intake - I have to do mine annually on both Fiesta and Fusion because of the leaves from the nearby trees.

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Yes I removed the scuttle, cleaned out the air intake then refitted the windscreen seal and scuttle. Just need to remove the carpet to dry it out properly. 

Does the Haynes manual show you how to remove the interior trims? 

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It certainly tells you how to get the seats, centre console etc out.

Haynes have an on line version, or £19.00 from Halfords.

Personally, I would not be without one, and have 14 of them ! (but not all for the same model of car !)


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Removed all the seats, just struggling with removing the centre console would appreciate any assistance. 

Was about to purchase an online Haynes manual but it only covers manual and duratec gearboxes don't really want to waste any money if its not going to help. 



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