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Mk8 does not like cold

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Got in car this morning, started up to reverse out of garage. Sync screen was backlit but was blank grey. Selected reverse and rear camera came on. Reversed out of garage and deselected reverse and rear camera stayed on. After driving a couple of hundred yards rear camera picture disappeared and blank grey screen re-appeared. when I finally stopped I thought I would do a Master Reset then realised I couldn't as the screen being blank I did not have the option of going to setting. Before anyone asks, 'no I did not select blank screen'.

After a bit of shopping get back in the car again and everything was working fine again. Anyone come across this. Just assume it is the cold causing it. battery appears fine no problem starting the car.

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Not had a blank screen on 3 x Mk8's but have had the camera stay on whilst driving forwards.

Usually there is a box in the top left hand corner of the camera screen you can press to "cancel".

Not sure if it was the Focus forum where I may have read about blank screens but I believe it was suggested to do a power cycle...

Ignition and engine off, open door, close door, wait for sync to power down fully..... ignition on and sync reboots fine.

Hope this helps.

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Only issue I've had on these cold mornings is the touch screen freezing when it gives you the prompt regarding wifi so I just turn it off at the button on the dash ( Focus mk4) not Fiesta though.

Almost forgot to add that the keyless door don't like the frost either and end up using the fob to lock the car but opening is fine. Why Ford couldn't of got some power to those little nobbles on the door handles I don't know.

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Thanks Martin. I will have done a power cycle while I was doing the shopping, so it looks like that is a fix for it.

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