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Very strange tick-over problem

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My petrol 1.4 mk6 Fiesta had a crack in the vacuum hose from the front of the block to the throttle body so the tickover and cold starting was a bit erratic. 

New hose fitted and now starts and ticks over perfectly if stationery.

BUT - if i put it into neutral when still rolling the tick-over gets slower the faster I'm going until about 25-30mph when it completely dies immediately.

What could be causing this? How could speed in neutral affect tickover? 

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On 27/01/2021 at 1:02 PM, TomsFocus said:

Have you tried a throttle body reset since the hose was replaced?

Yes and it sorted it thanks. I thought it would have relearnt but it obviously needed the reset. Nice to have it back to normal. 

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