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Ford Fiesta 2005 1.4 petrol knocking noise when driving from nsf

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Hi, all

Got a knocking noise that does not transmit vibration  through the steering wheel (at least at low speeds). So driving along a smooth road you can hear and the passenger can feel a slight knock through the front passenger footwell. Have jacked car up and checked for play on the road wheel and that all feels ok both side to side and top to bottom. Took wheel off couldnt see anything obvious also had a lever around on the wishbone and that seemed in order. Any ideas?

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took to local garage, they drove it and put on ramp, guy who looked at it looked puzzled so called his mate to look. They said drop link, changed that this morning and still the same 😞 Whats next? Anyone got tip for antiroll bushes without dropping the crossmember?

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