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Fiesta mk6 heating problems

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Hi all.

I recently bought a Fiesta mk6 1.4 automatic. 

Dealer said it's has some heating problems.

So I went to investigate:

The expansion tank had a lil crack so I replaced. Expecting to solve heating; the crack was just under the minimum level. 

I was suspecting heater valve but on my model it's quite hard to check. So I turn the engine on switch heating to max and I open left panel to check the pipes and was a lil warm at beginning then turn really hot so careful if you try this. So heater valve is ok 

I'm suspecting now that motor what turns air on witch direct air flow goes because when I switch from feet, windscreen, front or all it's only works on all no matter what position I put. So it can be heater motor accuator? 

Any other thoughts  before I try to open all panels? Because I think that motor it's on right side of column and I might need to open front panel as well.

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I don't think the 2005 Fiesta has a heater valve.... Unless you have Climate Control, temperature and air distrbution flaps are operated by Bowden cables.

How new is the pollen filter? Does the blower blow ?

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Small update. Opened right panel from underneath heating cluster driver side and the cable suppose to pull that door for heat to come in it's gone or it fall down somewhere. I put some duck tape for now to hold it open untill next week when I have a lil bit time off to open all panels. Just in a couple of minutes with motor idle heating it's coming from the vents. I was spending like 40 minutes to defrost my windscreen and demisting it. I will see next time where that cable went... Maybe for shopping 😜

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Ty Paul. Fixed today all cables that control temperature and air flow was disconnected. Put them back up and works fine. I still ordered some lightbulbs so I'm gonna replace tomorrow or when I have some time, I need to see that dials don't I? 

You was right Bowden cable's...

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