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Ford Fiesta 1.0t ecoboost trend performance upgrades

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Hi guys I have no clue what i am doing when it comes to cars but I love them. 
I have a fiesta 1.0t trend( it is not the st line)

I want to increase the performance of the car as well as you wanting to add an aftermarket exhaust. I am worried about my warranty and service plan becoming void if I do this to the car. Any tips on what I can and can’t do to the car?

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Not sure which market you are in or exact version of car? The Trend only became available in UK mid-2019. Assuming you have the 95ps version of the Ecoboost?

Any tuning mods will invalidate your warranty, so if that is a concern you need to wait until it expires.

Not seen a lot mentioned for the 95ps version - most remappers (e.g. Superchips, etc) only cover the earlier 100ps version so you would probably need to contact them direct.

As Tiexen suggests, you may be better putting the money towards upgrading to a higher performance version when the time comes.

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Greetings from Florida...I know I know...but I haven't found a group here.. I have a '15 1.0 EcoBoost white Hatch that I just bought..Does anyone know of a group devoted to these little boosties? I've bought a chip upgrade and a popoff valve splitter to build more boost. Oh, and bought the best oil available here in  the States, AMZOIL full synthetic. protection/preventive maintenance So does anyone own  the edition that I do? 123 hp edition? any leads to a well informed group? Thanks.


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