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Ford Fiesta - Brake Disc

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Hello All,


Hope you can help me. I've had my lease Fiesta for around 2 Months (1000miles). I've noticed Discolouration on my brake discs already and slight grinding noises, I'm not sure the grinding is just cold brakes as I've only just noticed from a short trip out.


brake 2.jpg


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The rear brakes just aren't getting used enough unfortunately.  If you do mostly town driving and just tickle the brake pedal then the rears won't even move.  The grinding will be from the pads scraping that surface rust off.  Difficult during lockdown but it will help if you can take the car out for a faster run with a bit of harder braking now and then.

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Hello and Welcome to the Forum.

The Discolouration and grinding noise is just surface rust and nothing to worry about. This should so away when you use your brakes more. You could go to a quiet bit of road with no traffic around and brake quite firmly a few times. It should cure it. Alternatively if it is your rear brakes, you could drive a bit with your hand brake on slightly, until the noise goes away.


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