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Mondeo Titanium Mk5 Strut Brace.

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Hi to all UK Ford owners. I haven' posted for a year since Covid started and I am hoping your all ok. Here in New Zealand we are doing very well to keep it out. Today I wanted to share with you my Strut Brace that I made myself, fabricated, welded and payed for powder coating in Silver Pearl colour. Before this I searched the world web and could only find one to buy from Steeda in the US. The Steeda brace has got some bends and kinks in it but as you see on my brace it is straight, the Steeda brace could but prone for flex. I really like my New Zealand 2019 Mondeo Titanium 2.0L petrol 240HP retuned to 280HP (the NZ Titanium is the same as the UK ST LINE model) but I have been dissatisfied with the factory brace pads easy to have brake fade with running another 40HP and harder driving. I have changed to ROADHOUSE 21249.50 in the front and REMSA 1551.12 in the rear. They are performance road level to boarder on track day use and have totally given me more secure braking now. Im DJ NEZZ, the Kiwi from New Zealand.



Mondeo 1.jpg

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