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Fiesta 1.6 zetec 2004 rear end feels loose over uneven road suface

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My 2004 fiesta 1.6 zetec has developed  a terrible handling issue. On rough uneven road surfaces car wobbles and feels like it's going to topple off the road. Got my local garage  to fit new struts, springs and links on front and new rear shocks. Improved front end roll but I've  still got bad roll on rear, car feels like its moving side to side. Any suggestions  to cure problems 

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My 2019 St-Line is exhibiting some similar handling issues, feels very vague at speed on the motorway and twitchy on cambers and uneven surfaces.

Tyres are in good condition with around 6mm of tread, and as far as I can see, correctly inflated to the 33/26psi recommended.

Definitely not how it used to be. I've had it jacked up and checked that nothing is obviously loose etc but I'm not happy with it.

It's only done about 20,000 miles from new so I'd be surprised (and annoyed) if the dampers were shot (though it does feel a bit like it).

I've never driven over any potholes, never kerbed it or driven up any kerbs . It spends about 80% of it's life up & down  the motorway at around 70mph.

I will have to take it in to be looked at at some point but due to work pressures and the covid situation (not providing courtesty cars) it will have to wait for a bit.

It's not dangerous but it feels like I'm constantly driving in 50mph gusty winds even on a calm day.

Does anyone know the warranty situation on worn suspension components, I get the impression they'd try and blame it on damage caused by hitting pot holes etc...?


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