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6 Millionth German Built Fiesta

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COLOGNE, May 4, 2010 – The Ford Fiesta, Europe's top-selling car in the first quarter of 2010*, set another record today at the Ford Niehl Assembly Plant in Cologne, Germany.

The 6 millionth German-built Fiesta, a three-door Vision Blue Sport edition, with a 1.6 litre Ti -VCT engine (120 PS), destined for a German customer, rolled off the production line today – 31 years after the first one was produced here in October 1979. To date, seven generations of the Ford Fiesta have been built in Cologne in 1989 and the Niehl facility became "lead plant" for Fiesta production in Europe.

Since Fiesta production began in Europe in 1976, the ever-popular car has sold over 13 million units in total and has been built in four Ford European manufacturing plants, including Cologne. The first car was built in Valencia, Spain in 1976, where – as with Niehl – the latest-generation Ford Fiesta continues to be built. From 1976 until 2002, the Fiesta was also built at Ford's Dagenham plant in the United Kingdom, and at the Saarlouis plant in Germany between 1976 and 1980.

Over the years, thanks to increased production efficiency, more Fiestas have been built faster and to even higher quality levels at Niehl. Ford continues to be considered by industry experts to be one of the most efficient carmakers in Europe.

It took ten years to reach the first million units production milestone of the Fiesta; the second millionth Fiesta rolled off the assembly line in less than half the time; the time between the fifth and sixth millionth Fiestas was just over three years.

Around 4,300 employees are currently producing 1,885 Ford Fiesta and Ford Fusion models daily in a flexible three-shift-system at the Niehl site. In 2009, the plant manufactured 406,200 cars in total – 350,500 Fiestas and 55,700 Fusions. About 80 per cent of the plant's total vehicle production is exported.

Niehl production of the latest-generation Fiesta started in August 2008. Only 18 months after its debut, more than 750,000 customers have purchased the new Fiesta around the world, with more than 670,000 cars being sold in Europe.

Ford also will launch its global Fiesta in key Asian Pacific markets during 2010. Aside from Niehl and Valencia in Europe, the Fiesta also is built in Nanjing, China and Rayong, Thailand. The Ford Cuautitlàn Plant in Mexico will celebrate its first production Fiesta model in the coming weeks.


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Nice to see it was a Vision Blue Fabio lookalike that stole the crown ;)

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Vision, Vision, Vision :P

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