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Need help regarding Ford Fiesta 2013 wheel / tyre

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Hi guys, hope you can help, i'm a right novice when it comes to cars, a great shame for my old man who is a mechanic and worked on lorries all his life.

Anyway I have an issue with my Ford Fiesta 2013 front passenger side wheel, I use my car most weekends to collect my Daughter who lives in England, its a 130 mile journey there and back, my wheel size are 195/55 and 15 inches, I always put air in my tyres before I leave to get her, the type pressure is 31, so whenever I go to check my tyre pressure the following weekend, the front drivers side, rear drivers side and rear passenger side are fine at tyre pressure 30/31 but the front passenger tyre pressure is around 20 so it's lost a fair bit of pressure, my old man said it isn't the tyre itself as we have fitted a brand new tyre and it still has this issue so he think it's the wheel itself and I will need a new one.

The issue is I don't know where to start, i'm concerned about buying a second hand one cause I don't want any issues driving with my Daughter in the car, where on the web are the best places to look? am I best to go to the ford dealership? my old man is happy to replace it if I buy the wheel as he knows what he's doing.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Was the valve replaced at the same time as the tyre?  And was the rim cleaned before the new tyre was fitted?

If it is the alloy itself, and you just want an identical replacement, using a Ford dealer through eBay is probably best.  Not totally sure which alloys you've got but here's one example.


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If you can take the wheel off and cover it with soapy water, you might see bubbles around the rim/tyre area, and you can check the valve at the same time.

You can occasionally get porous alloys, I had one some years ago, but sorted it out with a refurb, rather than buy new, or S/H.

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