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Hey guys!

A few years back I had a failed mot on my 2013 1.0 80ps with a grand total bill of over 1k. The car was about 4 years old and covered about 30k miles. The big ticket item was that the exhaust flexi was broken and they wanted about 500 quid to fix it by replacing it together with the catalytic converter. Luckily the service dpt were great and they managed to get Ford to do a good will gesture since the car was just out of warranty. 

The mot is coming up again and looking under the car, I can see that the wire mesh is frayed on the flexi. There's no cracks in the pipe or anything but (I don't know if it's just in my head) the car sounds a bit louder than usual. I am obviously worried that this is going to need replaced again. 

Has anyone had a problem with their flexi before? If so, how much did it cost to get it sorted out? I was able to find just the flexi part on ebay for around 90 quid (made of stainless steel). Is it difficult to install and does it involve welding? If you know any garages in Glasgow that could do this it would be greatly appreciated!





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Added a shot of the car :)
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12 minutes ago, Luke4efc said:

If it's not leaking then it won't fail.

A decent exhaust shop should be able to weld a new flexi in provided the rest of the pipe isn't rotten.

Cheers mate! Was thinking the same! I might just do it anyways as I don't plan on getting rid of the car any time soon!

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