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Parking Sensor Module - Part number/type

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Trying to work out exactly what type/model of rear parking sensor module my sons car should have fitted (2012 with rear parking sensors only).  The car was bought and the fuse for the parking sensors wasn't fitted, once I fitted the fuse, I get a weird siren sound followed by 7 beeps when selecting reverse (NOTE: reverse light does come on).  I wanted to check whether at some point, someone has swapped the parking module located under the right hand side boot trim.  The Parking aid module fitted has part number 8A6J-15T850-AD, this has 3 ports and 3 lots of electrical connections.  Whereas, there is a different module part number 8A6T - 15T850-AD which also has 3 ports, but only 2 of them have electrical connections.  Has someone fitted a module for front and rear on my sons car which only has rear parking sensors, or did someone swap the front bumper to non PDC ?  I did try calling ford, but they wont give me anymore info other than the replacement part cost.  I've got a spare loom and some sensors, so will also try swapping them as well to fix problem.  However, wanted to check about the parking module first.

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Rear only module is the 8a6t . Do you have multiplug for front sensors at the module? 

I can check if the car has fronts as standard if you pm me the reg number

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When I checked at the weekend, the module part number does seem to match the wiring loom number. So can only assume the correct parking aid module is fitted.  Therefore, can you check to see if the car should have front parking sensors ? Reg number is WV12 HBE

I don't understand the siren sound and might need to drop into an auto electrician if I cant resolve.


There are 3 electrical ports on the module, so assume 1 must be for the front.



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