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Transit Connect Won't Start! Possibly Security or BCM?

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Hi all, (first post)

i've got a 2016 1.5 tdci transit connect that had some wires melt on the exhaust. Oops. Since then, i have fixed the loom and reset codes etc, but it just won't start or crank.

I have tested the ignition and starter, including voltage, changed relays and fuses but i am stumped. The starter just won't turn. I have bypassed the battery to the starter and it will spin, but just doesn't sound like its going to start.
The voltage at the starter solenoid was only 2.5V on the switch side. (so 12v, earth, 2,5v and 3.5V i believe)

My question is, in my endless search for answers, could it possibly something to do with security? On forscan's going through my options, i have come across;
DLA_SED_C126  -  DENIED  - Vehicle Security Access.
STARTER-PROTEC  - Clear to start (but changes to protect when trying to crank) then back again
PATSSSES  - Enabled

i haven't got an immobiliser issues and have ran myself up the wall trying everything from an earth to the ECU.

Does anyone have any ideas or recommendations on the above or generally anything lol. 

thanks in advance, any advice taken

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