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Mk 6 1.4 tdci power steering pipe

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My power steering pipe(reservoir to pump) is leaking once I stop the car. Its coming from the hose clamp end going into the pump. I've stripped it off and had a proper look and can't see any sign of damage. Had anyone came across this problem? And would any rubber hose that fits both ends not do the same job as I cant find a replacement with same code as said pipe? 


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Not sure whether a rubber hose would stand the pressure.   It shouldn't be difficult to get a new one made.   I had to get new pipes for a Granada some years ago and a garage made them for me in copper.

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Thanks for the reply. I was thinking more of a reinforced rubber hose with suitable clamps/clips at each end from the fluid tank to pump or is there a certain purpose for that rubber sleave connector do you know thanks? 


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