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Mk8 Fiesta 2018 inside rattle as car stops

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Hi issue with my fiesta Mk8 zetec non turbo 7700 on the clock

When slowing to a full stop, only at the very point of stopping a rattle like a cable on plastic sound is heard for a second or two around the dash area towards the front.  

Once stopped no noise gone, only happens in that scenario 

Any help please I've tried adjusting the fan settings emptying the glove box, adjusting steering wheel positions, I'm at a loss  

Noise volume probably say 3or4 out of 10 

Car is due in with Ford for A pillar cover replacement March 1st, so I've emailed them to add to job sheet to investigate, though I'm sure they won't find or hear it, as is the norm.

Thanks for any help

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