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Engine malfunction, speed limited mode 2010 zetec 1.8 petrol

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Allright guys,  ive just signed up to see if anyone could shine a light on a problem ive been having with my Focus 2010  Zetec 1.8 petrol.   Cars been great since purchase and ive done a some bits n bobs like the brakes n an oil n filter change or 2.  But im limited in mechanical knowledge and the electrical side is a no go for me.  Anyway the engine light came on one nught drivimg home and the clocks start going mad n lights n beeping chimes.  I was close to home so i carried on.  To which the engine malfuntion warning had turned to speed limited which i found wasnt very limited as i could still pick up speed easily.  Been on and off now for the last week.  But now its struggling to start.  The malfuntion sign comes on when you turn the key once and there is no respone from the car when you turn to start the engine.  The milege disapears also when turning to start.  But to get it started i need to hit the dashboard turn the key, and the engine starts.  Been told numerous bullshit and watched tonnes of youtube video but getting nowhere.  Any help or even a direction to head in would be great as im considering heading for the scrapyard.  I dont have any image but i can do them if needed.  

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 Thanks tom...  i appreciate your quick reply.  Im actually a welder fabricator and i can solder a bit.  Ilk get a freind to have a look at it as he into to computers and such.   Thanks again Tom.    

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