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Retrofit CD player in MK8?

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Hi, has anyone tried to retrofit the OEM glovebox cd player in a mk8 fiesta? You can buy the kit and it looks like it would be a doddle to mount the player, but in the kit description it says something along the lines of "an extra jumper cable may be required". So my question is: is it as simple as plugging in an existing cable that is already in place and everything just works?

Can't be bothered if it's going to require dismantling dash bits to connect a new cable to the stereo.


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IVe not bothered with a CD player I've just ripped  nearly my entire cd collection to a 128gb memory stick , didn't take to long over 200 cds not sure how many songs  but all searchable via voice or screen, well worth a days work. The cds record faster than they play, I just sat with the laptop on my knee whilst watching tv. If an old duffer like me can do it then anyone can. Much more convenient than swopping  cds. Now just got to do the vinyl but that's over 2000 lps😀 

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Yeah, I've done the same as Pete, not that I bother much with music these days as I can rarely hear it above the road noise anyway!

I had a glovebox mounted CD player in a previous car and it was pretty useless imo, unless you had a passenger to change CD's mid journey. Takes up quite a bit of space in the glovebox as well.

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Thanks but I already do everything digitally and have for years. There are some circumstances when I fancy going retro and playing a physical disc (especially if it's something not available to stream, or my ripped copy isn't lossless.

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4 hours ago, Jonson said:

There are some circumstances when I fancy going retro and playing a physical disc

Lol, being an analogue person trapped in an increasingly digital world I feel that way myself!😃

If the Fiesta had a CD slot in in the dash audio controls I may well have gone for it. No way I was going to pay £150 (at the time I ordered my car) to rummage in the glovebox though. At least on my previous car it came as standard, and had USB and SD card slots as well.

I believe the CD player is around £250 from Ford as a retrofit (excluding installation) but don't know what's involved unfortunately. I think I saw mention of additional cable being needed, somewhere.


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