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Fiesta Mk6 - Squeal noise happen by full lock steered

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My fiesta decided to given other issues, when I'm going to leaving parking spot. The squeal nosie came in when I'm turn full lock steer. Checked PAS fluid, and it's have dark red. My father expected was belt or PAS pump. Belt can be ruled out because it's was replaced few years ago. My car run A/C unit, and It's was turned off (I don't used to run A/C during cold weather so it's no point having A/C on) and both aux belt has been replaced 2 years ago. Could be just dirty fluid or more likely bad PAS pump?!
I can remember when I bought my car, previous owner used garage that just topped up PAS fluid and doesn't flushed it.

Here list you can rule out since it's not possible;
> Two aux belt was replaced 2 years ago
> Tyre is good condition tread plus pressure
> Fresh discs and pads 2 years ago

P.S Sometime my steering stiffen up for no reason then, it become back the normal. Only happen during first started.

If you're wonder what is my vehicle it's; Ford Fiesta 2006 (facelift) Freedom 1.4 16v petrol.

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4 hours ago, m50e30 said:

For a matter of ten pounds, change the belt....


3 hours ago, billyboy said:

Definitely sounds like a slipping belt.

My belt doesn't look old and they about 2 years old.

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