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Audio on Nav retrofit

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Now I’ve read a few topics on this retro fit and would like some clarification by someone in the know

now I’ve checked my 1 connector and I have no cables in holes 4 and 5

is the way to do - 2 get 2 lengths of new wire anf insert them in the C1 connector- run them up to the MFD and attach them to ports 6 and 12



if there are wire in 6 and 12 on the MFD discard these.?
I thought ifpd read a thread where 6 and 12 from the mfd were terminated in ta white plug under the CD unit and they were removed from this and repositioned in the C1 block 

I’v got the nav etc installed and working bar the voice - do I actually need to enable it with forscan as it appears to be fully operational 


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Thanks I’ve read this a lot of times but just want clarification 

“You need to put PIN 12 of the display unit to PIN 5 of the C1 connector “

to me this reads that you physically take wire 12 completely out of the MFD and put in slot 5 on C1

and the same with wire in 6 to ‘hole’ 4

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