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Ford Transit Over Boosting 2.2 100 FWD 2012

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Hi guys


Really hoping there is a transit Guru that will be able to help me with my problem! It’s long winded so bear with me and hopefully someone can offer up some advise!


Right so basically I’m having an over-boosting issue on the transit, it keeps blowing through boost pipes, 3 in total now! I’m absolutely fed up with it!


I’m determined to sort the issue as the van is really good and amazing condition and also has had a lot of money spent on it in the time I’ve owned it so don’t want to just get rid!


So to run through what I’ve changed already obviously 3 boost pipes each one lasts about 1000-1500 miles before failing! I have no fault codes or lights on the dash, well until the pipe bursts that is.


Putting van on diagnostic machine and getting up live data MAP sensor is showing 25psi when van is stationary and being revved and when driving down road under load is almost touching 40psi!


I’ve changed throttle body assembly, map sensor, turbo charger, solenoid control for vane actuation, checked all other input sensors that I think could be related to boost control and everything is working as it should.... or at least I believe so, also if remove anything from the equation whether I unplug solenoid or throttle body or pedal sensor etc etc the ECU flags the fault telling me it’s missing which would lead me to believe it has all the info it wants to moderate boost but doesn’t seem to be doing so.


Vans done this since I purchased it and the only way I’ve been able to get around it for now is installing a BOV which has stopped the pipes blowing but isn’t a solution!


Spoken to few people in the know and they are all lost and cannot understand it, a few have even suggested there’s either a problem with the ECU itself or someone has messed with the map and created the issue! The van itself isn’t quick at all, it’s the 100bhp model and feels it to drive lol


The van has also had a head gasket and timing chain as well as replacement injectors in its time, has had cylinder compression test, new glow plugs, full service etc etc, it wants for nothing starts on the button and drives like new but love blowing hoses! I cannot wrap my head around it


Please someone help me 😩😂


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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