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Advice needed: Bought a used ST2 MK7 2015

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Hi All,

This is my first post looking for some advice. I bought a used ST2 and it has a few issues with it. It had scuffed alloys (now refurbed) and it was making a squeaking/grinding sound when turning (sound developed over a week since purchase). After taking it back to the dealership they fit a new hub to the front passenger side and new bearings. They also fit a new stub axle to the rear passenger side (passenger side had the scuffed alloys) Thinking this was the end of it I took the motor to get aligned and some new tyres on. The alignment centre contacted me to say that the rear is bent 9 degrees out and think this is likely due to impact damage. The car was sold as HPI clear to me 6 months ago and the dealership don't want to know saying it'll have to go through the courts and dragging it out as much as possible (2 months - numerous contacts - no reply from legal team). I'm at a bit of a loss as I paid a fair wedge and don't want to lose out. The alignment centre have said it may be due to bent axle. I've purchased a full replacement rear axle from eBay for £180. Do you think replacing the rear will fix the back/front alignment issue? And finally what is a reasonable price to get a rear axle fit labour wise at a local garage?


fiesta st2.jpg

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At your own expence, you need to get it inspected by the AA or Rac if your a member or a qualified Motor Engineer who does these sort of inspections.

You have rights under the Sale of Act even with a second hand car, so I suggest you take advice from a solicitor or Citizens Advice.

Do not fit that replacement rear axle until after you have the done above and it becomes the last course of action by yourself.

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