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Hi folks, 

A little help needed, I have a 2006 ford Fusion 1.4 16v. 

The aux belt snapped a few days I didn't realise until the battery completely died and I looked under the bonnet. I borrowed a fully charged battery from a friend to drive the car home. I phoned car spares asked for aux belt guy asked for reg and said it has 2 belts the aux belt and one for AC. To get the new belt on I had to cut off the other belt which I thought is the AC belt? I didn't think was an issue as wasn't bothered about the AC. Anyway after fitting the new aux belt which I could only do In the end by releasing the alternator and lowering to get belt on. The special tool was a waste of money and a total piece of crap. So new belt finally on a new battery put on car starts straight up runs fine except now the power steering doesn't work and the steering is stiff as hell. So, now I'm thinking I've cut off what was the power steering belt and not AC belt? I tried looking on eBay for a power steering belt but brings up images of the belt I've fitted. The one I cut off and didn't replace wasich shorter and thinner width. Can any of you guys tell me what's what and if I have indeed cut off the power steering belt or it was the AC belt and something else has gone wrong in the process.

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