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Thinking on buying a 2011 Ford fiesta 1.6tdi

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I was thinking on buying a 2011 fiesta s 1.6 tdi.

It's got 148000 on the clock and some good service history,,

But when I viewed it it had the amber/yellow oil warning light on.

the guy I was buying it off said it just need a oil change which he was willing to do,

The car drive really nice but I'm just a bit concerned

after googling it some people have said there's a problem with these models dpf sensors.

As I think the amber oil warning light meansl contaminated diesel in oil.

Can any help,,,


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My first Fiesta that I did high miles ( for me ) in was a 2011 1.6TDCi Titanium, just over 60K in three years. Never let me down once, only ever visited the dealer for routine servicing.

As any warning light flags concern to a potential purchaser, if it’s an easy fix such as changing the oil and filter, why hasn’t the seller done that job already? If he had you would probably have purchased the car! 

All Diesel engined cars require oil changes on time as DPF Regen can lead to diesel fuel in the engine oil. 


Get the the seller to fix the issue, then take another more critical look at the car. There will be loads more similar cars out there. If in any doubt walk away.

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I agree with all of the above, not because I am in anyway a Fiesta expert, but, I have a fair bit of life experience and have bought many, many cars over the years. If I turn up to see a car and the seller hasn't bothered to fix a known obvious issue I ALWAYS walk away and never turn back. It just evidences to me that persons level of care and attention (for the car). Plenty of others out there which will be better cared for.

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