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Fiesta 1.6TDCI mk6 engine swap

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Hi all,

After messing about and damaging the head on our fiesta engine we decided to buy a replacement one to swap in.

Many people saying its easier and more cost effective to swap the engine than to take off the head so we went ahead with that.

I have a question regarding this however, the engine we took out of the fiesta (Fiesta 1.6TDCI mk6 zetec s 2007) had engine code printed in dots on the front of HHDA. We replaced the engine with a HHDA and so far all is the same. We have swapped the wiring loom, EGR, new cambelt and water pump etc and just got to putting it in the engine bay. We didn't replace the clutch as the one on there seems to have plenty more meat than the original (the original one is down to the rivets).

Upon marrying up the clutch to the transmission, the flywheel is too large to fit into the bellhousing. I understand the HHDA engine we got was from a Ford Focus with the same engine code and was eligible for the fiesta, however I don't understand why the clutch is different. When trying to source a new clutch I can't find one for the Fiesta HHDA engine (its like the fiesta HHDA engine doesn't exist, only a HHJA/B engine exists or a focus HHDA?!

My question is, I have replaced the engine like for like except for the clutch... which clutch do I put on to the new HHDA going in? Will the HHJA/B clutch fit on?


Many thanks in advance for any help!

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